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Moda Sahnesi
14 November Tuesday 20:30
15 November Wednesday 15:00
15 November Wednesday 20:30

Direction & Set Design: Theodoros Terzopoulos Stage Composition: Theodoros Terzopoulos (Based on a poem by Thomas Tsalapatis) Music: Panagiotis Velianitis Light Design: Theodoros Terzopoulos, Konstantinos Bethanis Costume Design: LOUKIA Execution of Stage Installation: Charalampos Terzopoulos Production Executive: Maria Vogiatzi Performers: Sophia Hill, Antonis Myriagkos

Please refer to the side events section for all other events Theodoros Terzopoulos will partake within the Istanbul Theatre Festival.

Greek with Turkish surtitles.

The first time Terzopoulos was introduced to theatre fans in Istanbul was in 1990 at AKM Grand Hall with a two-day engagement of Euripides’ Bacchae. Ever since that fateful day, the director’s each return to Istanbul have profoundly affected and transformed the local theatre world and posing as a source of encouragement for the theatre in Turkey. The Festival had also experienced a first with the director with its involvement in an international co-production for the first time on the occasion of Heraclius Trilogy by Terzopoulos in 1999.
After a 7-year absence, the living legend Terzopoulos, is back at the Festival with Encore. Encore is the director’s 30th anniversary gift to the Attis Theatre, founded and directed by himself, and the final chapter of the trilogy which started with Alarme and continued with Amor. During the performance the two inimitable actors of Attis, Sophia Hill and Antonis Myriagkos, try to hurt each other, wielding gigantic razor blades until that moment of exhaustion where nothing but annihilation triumphs. As the play progresses, razor blades become natural extensions of the actors beckoning the audience to a breathtaking performance that treads on the borders of eroticism.

Lasts app. 55’; no intermission.

After the Play: Q&A with Theodoros Terzopoulos (14 November)

ATTIS THEATRE Attis Theatre was founded in 1985 in Delphi by TheodorosTerzopoulos. Its elementary aim is the research upon ancient Greek tragedy and significant plays of international dramaturgy. Within 27 productive years Attis Theatre has presented 1850 performances all over the world. It collaborates with international festivals and foreign theatres as a co-producer of multilingual and multicultural performances. It promotes T. Terzopoulos’ working method and it has organised 300 workshops and 50 theoretical conferences, most of them in conjuction with the most important drama academies. Books about Attis Theatre have been published and translated in many languages (Greek, English, German, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Polish) and many articles and essays have been published in theatre reviews. Attis’ theatre performances of ancient tragedy, which are considered to be exemplary, are being taught in 30 international universities. Attis Theatre organises artistic exhibitions and it has invited foreign performances. Attis Theatre has two stages.

DIRECTOR Theodoros Terzopoulos (born 1945, Greece) attending the Kostis Michailidis Drama School in Athens (1965–1967) before going on to study and work as assistant director at Berliner Ensemble (1972–1976). Back in Greece, he became Director of the Drama School of the State Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki (1981–1983). He created Attis Theatre in Delphi in 1985. Terzopoulos has directed tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, as well as contemporary plays by leading European playwrights. He has directed at many international theatres, participated in numerous international festivals and collaborated with prominent actors from all over the world.

Over the past 30 years, Terzopoulos and Attis Theatre have presented almost 2000 performances at leading international theatre festivals in Greece and abroad. Terzopoulos’ method and approach to ancient Greek tragedy is taught at drama academies, schools and classical studies departments around the world. The director gives workshops and lectures all over the world and is Professor Emeritus of numerous international academies and universities. He is the recipient of numerous Greek and international theatre awards. Books on his working method have been translated and published in Greek, English, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and Polish.

As Artistic Director of the International Meeting of Ancient Drama in Delphi (1985–1988), Terzopoulos invited many leading figures of the international theatre scene. He is a founding member of the International Institute of Mediterranean Theatre (since 1991). In 2004, he created the International Meeting of Ancient Drama in the Municipality of Sykion and was its Artistic Director till 2011. Terzopoulos has served as Chairman of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics since 1993. He is chairman for the International Committee Theatre Olympics in Delphi (1995), Shizuoka, Japan (1999), Moscow (2001), Istanbul (2006), Seoul (2010), Beijing (2014), and Wroclaw, Poland (2016).

Tickets 150, 75 TL | Student 10 TL