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Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezi Müşfik Kenter Sahnesi
25 November Saturday 20:30
26 November Sunday 15:00

Co-Produced by: Eskişehir Büyükşehir Belediyesi Şehir Tiyatroları, Taldans

Written by: Aleksey Kruçenih Concept: Taldans Choreography & Performance: Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sızanlı Sound Design: Sinan Kestelli Light Design: Turan Tayar Venue Design: Taldans

Thanks to: Norgunk Yayınevi, SALT Araştırma, KeKeÇa (Timuçin Gürer, Tugay Başar), Esra Karadağ, Sima Can Kaplan, MSGSÜ Modern Dans Bölümü, ÇATI (Çağdaş Dans Sanatçıları Derneği)

Contemporary dance duoTaldans continue their work on the connection between body, sound and rhythm by digging into the text of Victory Over the Sun, the first futuristic Russian opera. Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı examine the images and words of the “free-associative” text through a choreography that brings audial material to the fore. The duo makes mathematical and architectural analysis on language and meaning by exploring the movement of sound. Victory Over the Sun imagines that anything is possible even in the direst situation and provides a fresh language and a brand new spelling book as it liberates language and movement on stage.

Lasts app. 60’; no intermission.

TALDANS, Founded in Istanbul in 2002 by Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı who have previously worked together and separately in various projects. The company’s starting point is the movement/dance research unit Theatre Research Laboratory which was established by Mustafa Kaplan as part of Istanbul City Theatres. Some of the artists, who have utilized the studios at the facility through Beklan and Ayla Algan’s support, founded ÇATI, Contemporary Dance Artists’ Association after leaving Istanbul City Theatres. Since 2002, Taldans performed original works- some of which were realized through funding from various European cultural institutions- at many international festivals. Some of these works are Dolap (2000) Sek Sek (2002), Solum (2004), Graf (2006) Document (2009), İp ve Site (2010), Oldnew(2011), We Need to Move Urgently and 600 Steps (2014). Kaplan and Sızanlı, artistic directors of Taldans, continue developing their own individual projects as well as attending international workshops, meetings, panels and conferences.

CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE Born in Konya in 1965, Mustafa Kaplan started dancing by taking lessons on the Graham Technique from Geyvan McMillan between 1984-1986. During the same period he studied acting at Bulunmaz Theatre and danced with Çağdaş Bale Topluluğu (Contemporary Ballet Company) between 1989-1992. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1990 and joined Istanbul City Theatres as a dancer the same year. At IST, he studied acting with Beklan and Ayla Algan at the institution’s Theatre Research Laboratory and as well as doing choreography performed as a dancer at its plays until 2001. He started working with Filiz Sızanlı in 1997. In addition to performing choreographies by Aydın Tekeri he is a founding member of Yeşil Üzümler Dance Theatre, Dance Factory, Taldans, and ÇATI. He attended many local and international theatre and dance festivals with his productions and held workshops and is currently giving dance lessons at ÇATI Studio.

CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE After graduated from Istanbul Technical University’s Department of Architecture in 1997, Sızanlı participated in various projects of Theater Research Laboratory of Istanbul Municipality Theater. In 2000 she was among the co-founders of ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association in a collective artist group. Between 2001-2005, she worked with Mathilde Monnier at Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier (CCN) as state artist, besides working on different projects with Emmanuelle Hyunh, Mustafa Kaplan, Yann Marussich and Julie Nioche. In 2003 she found Taldans together with Mustafa Kaplan. Since 2012, she has been giving classes based on movement research in relation to body and space at Theatre of Eskişehir Greater Municipality and State Conservatory of Anadolu University, Eskişehir Turkey.

Tickets 50 TL | Student 10 TL