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İstanbul State Theatre


Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesi
13 May Sunday 20:30
14 May Monday 20:30
15 May Tuesday 20:30

Written by Matei Visniec
Directed by & Dramaturgy Müge Gürman
Translated into Turkish by Mete Gürman

Lasts 120’; 2 acts.

This poetic play, which features Chekhov as one of its characters evolves as the great playwright meets with the characters he has created in his plays during his life cycle till his death. Although they keep their essential peculiarities, these characters are independent of the plays in which they have been created and they look as if they have dropped from the space into the dreams of Chekhov. They meet in the scene formed on different platforms and in different contexts. It develops in the form of chain confrontations between Chekhov and the characters, whose destinies he has defined, questioning the reality Chekhov has stated... This absurd and surreal adventure is a chain which has extended from Chekhov over us and which also embraces the reality of today in its rings.

Tickets: 35 TL / Student: 20 TL