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Salon İKSV
14 May Monday 18:30
15 May Tuesday 18:30
14 May Monday 20:30

Concept & Choreography Leyla Postalcıoğlu
Performance Benjamin Block, Leyla Postalcıoğlu
Light Design Asier Solana Arce
Music by Chrıstopher Willits, Antonio Machín
Dramaturgical Assistance Carmen Mehnert

Lasts 50’; no intemission.

We live on the roofs which shelter us all together, which keep us close to each other, which sometime push us into the corners, which from time to time, cover us and which, sometimes, collapse on us... roof, which has been performed at Brotfabrick Berlin and Sophiensäle, is about two people who are trying to slow down while running, and are trying to get closer while apart: “if the equilibrium between the far and the close cannot be achieved... if the only intelligible thing is the lack of communication; if silence is what is only heard... where have the unuttered and unstated gone? Have they been left to time? roof is a work based on silence... a clock which is being tried to slow down and two persons who have stopped...

Tickets: 25 TL / Student: 15 TL