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Tuğçe Tuna / RemDans


Hasköy Yün İplik Fabrikası
15 May Tuesday 20:30
16 May Wednesday 20:30
17 May Thursday 20:30

Concept & Choreography Tuğçe Tuna
Performance Erdinç Anaz, Nazlı Esen, Ümit Erlim, Gökhan İnan, Setenay Karadaş, Bihter Karaköse, Orçun Okurgan, Ufuk Şenel, Tuğçe Tuna, İlkem Ulugün, Salih Usta, Müge Uzun, Esra Yurttut
Video Osman Nuri İyem, Serdar Gazi, Tuğçe Tuna
Music Başak Günak, Max Rıchter, Vahit Tuna
Lighting Murat Ersan, Tuğçe Tuna

Lasts 60’; no intermission.

Tuğçe Tuna performs at the festival with her company RemDans. When directing emotions and impulses towards their sources poses a threats and problems, their course will be changed and they will be directed at a living soul or at an object, and this is called displacement (changing direction). “Displacement” is also expressed as the mass of the water overflown by a floating object. Starting from this concept, Tuğçe Tuna asks the question: “How is the equilibrium in the body, in the individual and in the mind achieved when the energy, behaviour and physical activity –sucked from the threatened, unmanageable subject or stimulant– are transferred to the other stimulant/ stimulants considered as ‘reliable’?”

Tickets: 30 TL / Student: 20 TL