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Aydın Teker Project


17 May Thursday 20:30
18 May Friday 20:30

Co-produced with İstanbul Tiyatro Festivali Istanbul Theatre Festıval
Concept & Choreography by Aydın Teker
Creative Dancers Bilge Sürmeli, Irmak Altınbulak
Costume by Ayşegül Alev
Platform Designed by Bereket Uluşahin
Music by Charlie Rabuel
Light Jiv Wagner

First Phase (...)
Second Phase Two
Third Phase No Name

Lasts 40’; no intermission.

Three Phases is a minimal and complicated work formed of different layers. The platforms used bring an architectural dimension to the work. Due to the moving platforms, the levels change and the relationship of the body with these levels is being questioned. Another layer brings women to the agenda. Two women meet in three different risky positions by way of these platforms. The dynamics among the characters never turn out to be theatre but create the abstract associations. This has happened during the process of creation out of control of the choreographer–actually in spite of him/her.

Tickets: 30 TL / Student: 20 TL