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Young Vic Theatre Company

United Kingdom

Kenter Tiyatrosu
19 May Saturday 20:30
20 May Sunday 18:30
20 May Sunday 14:00

Adapted by Colin Teevan
Directed by Walter Meierjohann
Performed by Kathryn Hunter
Set Design Steffi Wurster
Light Mike Gunning
Sound and Music Nikola Kodjabashia

Lasts 60’; no intermission.
With Turkish surtitles.

Kafka’s Monkey is a play based on Franz Kafka’s short story titled “A Report to An Academy”. It’s based on the monologue of a monkey which has learned how to speak and behave like a human being. Laurence Oliver Awards under her belt and collaborations with eminent directors like Peter Brook, Kathryn Hunter successfully performs the story of a monkey who tries to behave like a human being just to be able to exist. Kafka’s Monkey has been performed to full houses and received outstanding worldwide reviews.

Tickets: 120, 80, 50 TL / Student: 20 TL