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A Cihangir Story


Salon İKSV
20 May Sunday 20:30
21 May Monday 20:30
21 May Monday 17:30

Written by Aslıhan Erguvan
Directed by & Dramaturgy Aslıhan Erguvan

Lasts 80’; no intermission.

Aslıhan Erguvan tells the story of a “house-moving” in her Lullaby which she is the writer, dramaturgist, and director of. She staged Tilt her directorial debut, last year and worked as the assistant director to Max Hohen who directed Queen of Spades at Arcola Theatre in London where she had gone to study. Currently working with Zeynep Günsür at The Workshop of Movement, Erguvan, in her Lullaby, performs on stage, in her original style, the story of the interchange of the soul and the body, of the homeless and of the ones who have their homes, of the inner world of the individual who resists the outer world, of trying to cover oneself but failing to do so, of love which is “betwixt and between” and of a throwaway and a pet cat who are lost in this pandemonium.

Tickets: 25 TL / Student: 15 TL