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Diyarbakır Municipal Theatre


Haldun Taner Sahnesi
25 May Friday 20:30
26 May Saturday 15:30

Written by Sophokles Sophocles
Adapted & Directed by Celâl Mordeniz
Translated into Kurdish Zana Kılıç

Lasts 50’; no intermission.
Kurdish with Turkish surtitles.

The Diyarbakır Municipal Theatre commenced their performances in 1991 and has carried on steadily ever since. Adoption of multilingualism with the 2000’s made its mark on their repertoire which started to include plays in Kurdish making them the first in Turkey in this arena. They take part with Sophocles’ Antigone in the festival. Antigone is a play which questions the dichotomy of justice and the law. The story of Antigone who says: “Tis not my nature to join in hating, but in loving.” is being staged by the Diyarbakır Municipal Theatre based on the idea of acting each character by all the other characters in the play, everybody is Antigone or Ismene or Creon.

Tickets: 35 TL / Student: 20 TL