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26 May Saturday 20:30
27 May Sunday 20:30

Written by Erıc de Volder
Directed by Mesut Arslan
Dramaturgy Ata Ünal
Translated into Turkish by Şaban Ol
Co-produced with Mesut Arslan/Theater Onderhetvel, Kunstenfestıval 0090, Toneelhuıs, Belçika Belgıum

Lasts 60’; no intermission.

The Room and The Man is about the probability of love and relationship which expresses itself in the obscure details of daily life... The play is based on a single text which discusses, from two different perspectives, the man and the woman who both complete contradict with each other. The Room and The Man tours about the ambiguous and transitional as well as the tense boundaries of the monologue and the dialogue, of the colloquial and intellectual languages, of the simple and the complicated, of the imagination and the reality and of the man and the woman. It confronts the audience both with the attempt of following the simple story and with the multilayered associations of the blend of the language, sound, body and the image. On one end, it is the skyline between the dream and the reality, on the other, it is the intrinsic relationship among the woman, the man and the image.

Tickets: 35 TL / Student: 20 TL