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İDT+Istanbul Dance Theatre


30 May Wednesday 20:30
31 May Thursday 20:30

Choreography by Geyvan McMillen, Devrim İleri Tozkoparan
Stage Installation Dilara Akay (HAYAKA ARTI)
Dancers Sernaz Demirel, Devrim İleri Tozkoparan, Tan Temel, Özerk Tozkoparan

Lasts 40’; no intermission.

Exploiting the wealthy resources of rich Anatolian history and of the variety of its culture, IDT+ was founded to produce interdisciplinary projects enriched withAnatolia’s history and cultural diversity in the national and international milieu. Geyvan McMillen, Dilara Akay, Sernaz Demirel and Tan Temel, founders of the company, keep seeking their original language of art departing from the social and cultural milieu which they belong to. Geyvan McMillen describes their project Jaded Secrets as: “Although our eyes and souls are not always aware of the magnificence of the creation, we have always admired this extraordinary event. Here we have come, there we go. ‘To be or not to be’, the secrets and our secrets with us to the eternity...”

Tickets: 30 TL / Student: 20 TL