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Tiyatro Avesta


3 June Sunday 20:30
4 June Monday 20:30

Written by Aydın Orak
Directed by Murat Garipağaoğlu

Lasts 60’; no intermission.
Kurdish with Turkish surtitles.

Any two soldiers on any border... Their conflicts and arguments while on guard along with the mines and death, turn into a border syndrome: It is a pointless border they keep guarding... A trap they have set up for the others. The moment when the violence becomes ordinary, death becomes a simple action and the man with the weapon in his hand turns wild is the moment the downtrodden becomes insignificant! Trap is the action of disintegration of the metaphor of the border/trap in which the boundary an individual fixes in the mind of the other and imprisoned, as well.

Tickets: 35 TL / Student: 20 TL