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The event is free of charge; reservation is required.
For reservation: rezervasyon@iksv.org

Written by: Özen Yula
Directed by: Berfin Zenderlioğlu
Dramaturgy: Egemen Kalyon
Lighting Realisation: Polat Niloğlu
Light Design: Alev Topal
Assistants: Mia Elif Öcal, Merve Akpınar
Performers: Gökay Müftüoğlu, Serkan Altıntaş

Lasts app. 60’; no intermission.

“It is a very strange thing to be left with nothing but a story. Just think about it, you have nothing else. A single story. You can’t tell it, and it would be a pity to forget it." In the play that takes place in Yeldeğirmeni, one of the recently popular residential areas of İstanbul; we follow the story of an Iranian teacher and a Turkish TV series screenwriter. They get to know each other and talk about their lives, which leads to a certain intimacy but also contains clues about the future dynamics of this relationship. Perhaps their encounter can be described in Attilâ İlhan’s words, "for a person to understand another person, that is so improbable." Could two different characters, two different geographies, two different lifestyles and separate choices establish a new meaning for two people? Especially when there is an effort to escape and survive? Or will we quickly conclude this matter by stating, "Geography is destiny", as Ibn Khaldun had during the 14th century? After all, if we were to listen to them, they might say: We Have a Story… Sometimes cities become stops for people, sometimes people are stops of that city. İstanbul is a stop on the road stretching from Tehran to Europe. A love-story waiting to be completed, just like the incomplete aspects of its characters, the play calls out to its audience in its own language and asks; can the subaltern speak?