Please refer to the event pages for the duration of the performances, age limit and other important notes.

RECORDING DEVICES It is forbidden to make recordings with cameras, mobile phones or any kind of recording device during the event.

AUDIENCE WITH CHILDREN Please do not bring children to the performances except for the recommended performances. Please refer to the event pages for the duration, age limit and other important notes. For the performances recommended for children, entry will require tickets, and regular tickets will be offered in case the student tickets are sold out.

TICKET REFUNDS AND CHANGES Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded except in the event of cancellation or date change. Refund or exchange requests to be made as a result of cancellation or date change must be made until the date specified in the announcement.

VENUE CHANGE Due to unforeseen reasons, event venues may change. İKSV will prepare a seating plan that will provide the audience with the closest seats possible. Tickets are non-refundable due to venue change.

CHANGE IN PROGRAMME Due to unforeseen reasons, the event programmes may change. Tickets are not refundable due to programme changes.

HEALTH There is a medical team and ambulance present at the venues.

LATE COMERS We kindly request our audience to be meticulous in arriving on time for the performances. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the venue and tickets will not be refunded. We kindly ask you to be ready at the venue at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the event and due to security measures, not to carry any bag larger than a handbag. Suitcases and large backpacks will not be accepted into the hall and cloakroom service will not be provided.