He graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Sociology. After working for several private theatres, he joined Istanbul Municipality’s Theatre where he would spend 30 years. He was awarded the prize of “Best Male Actor” for his performances in the plays Abelard ve Heloise (Abelard and Eloïse), Sevilmek (To be loved), Vahşi Batı (Wild West) and the prize of “Best Stage Management” for the play Ayak Bacak Fabrikası (Factory of legs and feet). In 2007 he played in “Rumi”, directed by Robert Wilson and staged in Athens and Warsaw and in the Ravenna Festival. In 2009, he played in the play The Battle of the Sons of the Light and the Sons of the Darkness with Jeanne Moreau. He played the leading role in the plays Karatavuk (Blackbird), Anna Karenina, M. Butterfly, Sanat (Art), Görüşme-Kutlama-Çağrı (Encounter-Celebration-Call), Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, Romeo and Juliet, Deli İbrahim (Ibrahim the Mad) and Cabaret. He has been working since 1965 for the radio, the cinema and the TV and doing sound recording for films. He is an instructor in the Kadir Has University.