The festival continues with striking stories that bring together the disciplines of theatre and dance

The 23rd Theatre Festival welcomes the new week with For Rent (26 November, two performances on 29 November) written by Özen Yula and directed by biriken. Wajdi Mouawad’s Incendies (27, 28 November) which tells the story of the unquenchable fire of the Middle East is staged by a striking Murat Daltaban version. It is a productive week in terms of dance and performances, as well: Profil Perdu (28 November), a show that brings together disciplines such as film, theatre and dance; It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend (29, 30 November) which focuses on speech that throughout the centuries has inspired countless masses and spurred them into action; “a thing” & kitty kitty (1 December) with their motional and performative narrative styles – all appeal to those audience who like to catch the stories within the choreography. And in Clean City (30 November, 1 December), you will listen to realistically staged stories from their real owners.

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