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A Corner in the World, which provides a space for artists to draw inspiration for their new projects, organises a Choreographic Mentorship Workshop as a part of the bomontiada ALT programme this year. The goal of the workshop is to provide young dance, theatre and performance artists focusing on body and motion in performing arts the opportunity to research, share and experiment their works in progress, under the supervision of a mentor. The workshop will be organised with the collaboration of the Istanbul Theatre Festival and A Corner in the World and will last for six weeks.

The workshop aims to bring together young stage performers with a mentor who will be selected from among distinguished artists and academicians, every year. The workshop process will begin with the acceptance and assessment of applications by A Corner in the World and the Istanbul Theatre Festival, and the announcement of four applicants who are found eligible to participate in the programme. During the workshop, qualified young artists will create choreographies that will be evaluated by the mentor. Following the suggestions and discussions, rehearsals will be held in order to experiment with the suggestions.

Choreographers, theatre artists working on body-motion, and performance artists who wish to receive mentorship support to deepen and enrich their artistic understanding, produce new and innovative motion materials, acquire the finer aspects of choreographic methods and the application of the finer aspects in their works, may apply to the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the productions will be presented to the audiences within A Corner in the World X bomontiada ALT programme at the bomontiada ALT as a parallel event of the festival.

Applications may be submitted to between 17–23 September 2018 by sending your application portfolio. Application portfolios should include a letter describing the proposed project in not more than 1,000 words, visual material about the project if available (please add a Vimeo link for videos), an up-to-date CV including your contact information, and visual or written material that showcases previous work if available. Application portfolios should be a single file in PDF format, and not exceed 10 MB. Results will be announced on 28th September 2018.