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Lasts app. 50’; no intermission.


  • Concept: Meryem Bayram
  • Objects & Performance: Guy Rombouts & Meryem Bayram
  • Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
  • Light Design: Pol Matthé
  • Sound: Azart
  • Sound & Light Technician: Nele Verreyken
  • Voice Coaching: Caroline Daish
  • Recording: Ludo Engels
  • Outside Eye: Mesut Arslan
  • Costumes: Johanna Trudzinski
  • Technical Realisation: Jan Van Goethem

Visual artist and stage designer Meryem Bayram has created the conceptual framework of Fourfold, a performance which centres on human beings’ construction of the physical space and forms of communication with it. The performance, structured to resist a stationary narrative and a single conceptual frame, is first and foremost a ‘live’ encounter between Meryem Bayram and Guy Rombouts.

The regeneration of the ‘first encounter’ between the two artists on stage embodies the core of the Fourfold. The interaction that occurs as one performer constructs the physical space and the other reacts with the body, transforms this non-verbal dialogue into an intriguing spectacle. Igor Dobricic-designed dramatic composition of this performance in which two persons create new meaning by folding or unfolding a giant paper rectangle and building boundaries using various materials raises numerous questions: What sort of obstacles do we place as we build boundaries? How do we find our way around these obstacles? How do we discover the obstacles? Is it possible to live and transform the space? In Fourfold, two bodies present this multi-layered and transforming narrative as a rejuvenating force of production.

Istanbul Theatre Festival and Platform 0090 (, an interdisciplinary and international workspace based in Belgium, have a longstanding collaboration. In 2018, Istanbul Theatre Festival and Platform 0090 present five productions with a strong inherent connotation to Turkish culture because of the involvement of Turkish artists and the influence of Turkish subjects, themes and contexts. These performances are presented under the common denominator: ‘Choice from Flanders’ and is supported by the Flemish Ministry of Culture.