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Lasts app. 45’; no intermission.

Choreographer and contemporary dance artist Bengi Sevim Yörük is in search for an answer to the current philosophy on happiness with reference to the question, ‘May the algorithm of happiness be designed?’ The piece is inspired by Goethe who once said ‘Happiness is, to overcome sadness and troubles. The real nightmare is the everlasting sunny days,’ and the ‘Implicate Order’ theory of the famous physicist David Bohm. From the hypothesis that the universe and everything which seems to be random has a mathematical order in itself, the piece asks the question: ‘Is it possible to design a mathematical formula/ algorithm to reach to happiness?’ MUT meets the audience at Akbank Sanat.


  • Text by: Faruk Kılıç
  • Concept & Choreography: Bengi Sevim Yörük
  • Music & Video Design: Ece Ulutan
  • Creative Dancers: Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Gizem Erdem, Suzan Alev, Bengi Sevim Yörük

For ticket sales and info:
Tickets will be available for cash only at Akbank Sanat information desk.