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Lasts app. 65’; no intermission.
For all audiences 7+.


  • Directed by: Louis Spagna
  • Artistic Collaboration and Technical Management: Valerio Fassari
  • Light Design: Christoph Siegenthaler
  • Performers: Camilla Pessi & Simone Fassari

The product of a sincere and productive collaboration between Camilla Pessi and Simone Fassari, Compagnia Baccalà appears at the festival with a performance of which we seldom have a chance to witness. The production is a playful, masterful and highly intelligent fusion of theatre with circus acts and clown. Pss Pss is an extremely entertaining and humorous performance that bears the traces of the silent film era. The show has been performed over 700 times in 50 countries over five continents by the company; it has embraced 15 international awards including the Cirque du Soleil Prize at Cirque du Domain, and has reached a broad audience of all ages around the world since 2010. Stars of the silent film era including Chaplin and Keaton are among the inspirations of Pss Pss, presenting its natural and elegant sense of humour through an ageless performance, and enchanting physicality. In the play, two characters, two modern-age clowns deliver a breathtaking performance on the stage.