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Yaklaşık 40’ sürer; ara yoktur.


  • Concept, Direction, Performance: Gizem Aksu
  • Artistic Advice: Marc Vanrunxt
  • Scenographic Advice: Meryem Bayram
  • Light Design & Technical Realisation: Bert Vermeulen
  • Light Technician: Utku Kara

Gizem Aksu’s work has blended art, politics and philosophy in a remarkably transparent manner. Aksu has premiered YU in Toneelhuis last April and joined the Mardin Biennial. YU offers an inner journey, but this inner journey eludes metaphorical and mystical guides, directing us to behold the relationship between our internal organs and life.

In YU, as cinematic elements come into play, the relationship between the body and the space-time is emphasised. A developing awareness of the body renders it an inseparable part of life. The artists interpret the choice of each organ with their own texture, space and rhythm to live and sustain in each moment as primordial wisdom. Aksu, pursuing the trail of sensing, feeling and moving the body wisely beckons us to take a look at our relationship with life from a different perspective.

Istanbul Theatre Festival and Platform 0090 (, an interdisciplinary and international workspace based in Belgium, have a longstanding collaboration. In 2018, Istanbul Theatre Festival and Platform 0090 present five productions with a strong inherent connotation to Turkish culture because of the involvement of Turkish artists and the influence of Turkish subjects, themes and contexts. These performances are presented under the common denominator: ‘Choice from Flanders’ and is supported by the Flemish Ministry of Culture.