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Lasts app. 120’; 2 Acts.
Suitable for ages 16+.


  • Written by: Andreas Sauter, Bernhard Studlar
  • Directed by: Kemal Aydoğan, Çağlar Yalçınkaya
  • Translated into Turkish by: Gülen İpek Abalı, Ayşe Gülsüm Özel
  • Set Design: Bengi Günay
  • Light Design: İrfan Varlı
  • Sound Design & Music Mustafa Avcı
  • Poster & Visual Design: Cansu Köksal-Burak Günay
  • Director Assistant: Deniz Elmas
  • Performers: Süreyya Güzel, Öner Ateş, Mehmet Solmaz, Cihat Süvarioğlu, Ali Büyükkartal, Zeynep Güngörenler, Elif Gizem Aykul


Geld – Her Damit is an ironic and impressive play about the economic crisis which shows familiar moments to the audience. Long working hours, credit debt piling up, the elderly on waiting lists for surgery, students prostituting themselves, swindlers, migrants, inflation and unemployment; on the other hand, the super-rich who are always slightly touched by the crisis while the people get poorer with each passing day. Some find economical balance through selling their luxurious four-wheel drive, while others cut down on heating and food... As the negative effects of the economic crisis spread over the whole society in waves an uneasy question arises, now: Love or Money, which one would you like your fortune to favour?