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English with Turkish translation. Limited capacity. For reservation please visit our web site from 14 October.

During this panel, Peter Lee, the founder of Korean game design company NOLGONG and the game designer of Being Faust – Enter Mephisto which is one of the most impressive plays of the festival, will share the idea of storyplaying with us. The 20th century was the Age of Cinema. We now live in the 21st century, the Age of Game. Storytelling has two sides. One tells a story and one listens to it. Storyplaying has one or no side. Everyone is playing with the story. The art of cinema leads the way and had formalized how storytelling was done. Now, digital revolutions and the generation of digital natives have changed everything. Anyone and everyone has information/contents and means to tell them. We are all players. What and how should cultural institutions transform to redefine the meaning of their existence? In this panel, we will discuss how play, game and game design can transform the future of cultural institutions.

With valuable collaboration of Kolektif House.