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Lasts app. 65’; no intermission.


  • Written by: Özen Yula
  • Directed by: Adnan Tönel
  • Dramaturgy: Banu Ayten Akın
  • Set & Costume Design: Işıl Çelik
  • Light Design: Tezcan Altuğ
  • Choreography: Necip Çetin
  • Music: Mehmet Kınık (Bağlama)
  • Rhythm: Abdullah Karabacak (Erbane)
  • Assistant: Sercan Yılmaz
  • Performers: Gonca Akyel Yılmaz, Barış Öker, Hekim Aslan / Sercan Yılmaz, Fulya Özben, Buket Tanış, İlknur Beşinci, Elif Özek Labourer Women Chorus: Sibel Tartut, Berrin Bozyiğit, Başak Kayaçelebi


Somewhere in the middle of the world… This play contains all the tales starting from the times when people were defined by nature and could sense earth, air, water and fire with clarity, to the times when patriarchy forced women into men’s rule. One by one, the memory of water reveals the stories of women who had to inevitably arm themselves with masculine weapons while escaping oppression and death. The team depicting these tales take the stage with the excitement of making theatre in Van, as well as the desire to make the voice of the lands that bore those myths heard. This is a call guided by theatre from Tuşba, Van…