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The event will be held in Turkish. Limited capacity. For reservation please visit our web site from 14 October.

In 2019, Genco Erkal celebrates his 60th year on the stage and Dostlar Theatre celebrates its 50th. 1959 and 1969 are important milestones in the history of Genco Erkal, modern Turkish theatre and Turkish politics. Istanbul Theatre Festival celebrates these two very important events by organising a symposium that brings together important names from the theatre world. Participants of the symposium are not only those from the same generation or breathed the same air as Genco Erkal. Speakers from all generations that have been inspired by Erkal and Dostlar Theatre’s rendering of Nâzım Hikmet, Bertolt Brecht, Aziz Nesin, Can Yücel or Alfred Jarry, Edward Bond and Gogol will put forth a convergence of portraits. In the sessions following the opening speech by the Festival Director Leman Yılmaz, Ayşegül Yüksel, Dikmen Gürün, Kerem Karaboğa, Seçkin Selvi, Simten Gündeş, Zehra İpşiroğlu, Zeliha Berksoy, Zeynep Oral will be present as speakers. The last session titled “Encounters” brings together many esteemed names from Arif Erkin to Nurten Tuç, from Zeynep Irgat to Ece Yassıtepe, from Meral Çetinkaya to Metin Deniz, to Tülay Günal with their memories and pleasant anecdotes.

With valuable collaboration of Pera Museum.