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Lasts app. 90’; no intermission.

Music Theatre

Co-produced by: ISTANBUL THEATRE FESTIVAL (2000)


  • Written by: Murathan Mungan
  • Adapted on Stage: Mustafa Avkıran
  • Directed by: Övül Avkıran, Mustafa Avkıran
  • Costume Design: Hatice Gökçe
  • Light Design: Yüksel Aymaz
  • Dramaturgy: Evren Erbatur
  • Graphic Design: Vahit Tuna
  • Project Assistant: Şaziye Özlem Turan
  • Poster Photograph: Fethi İzan
  • Performers: (in alphabetical order) Ahmet Rıfat Şungar, Bidar, Mustafa Avkıran, Orhan Topçuoğlu, Övül Avkıran, Selçuk Artut (voice performance)

Thanks to Barut Hotels, Duru Tiyatro, Biraderler Yapım, P Blok

MoMoAcT, a Berlin and Istanbul based interdisciplinary art production initiative led by Övül and Mustafa Avkıran, is re-staging their first retrospective play Dumrul and The Grim Reaper. Staged for the first time in 2000, the play will trace the definitions of memory, narrative, life, death and love with new actors and a new staging approach. Mankind’s will to survive at the expense of destroying the world and his boorish attitude towards life and death are amongst the realities that reinforce the contemporary character of the play. The play Dumrul and the Grim Reaper brings together old and new storytellers. Adapted from Murathan Mungan’s story and written by Mustafa Avkıran, the play is based upon Dede Korkut’s Deli Dumrul. The play, re-established again after 20 years with the dramaturgy of sound, words, light, movement and body, will leave the audience feeling as if they’re hearing this well-known story for first the time.

HES code inquiries will be made at the entrance of the event using the Life Fits Into Home (Hayat Eve Sığar) application. The guests participating in the event must download the Life Fits Into Home application and obtain a HES code before coming to the venue. Guests may attend the event only if the "HES Code Inquiry” section of the application returns a "riskless” health status.