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Lasts app. 57’; no intermission.

Co-produced by: C-TAKT, Platform 0090


  • Written by: Deniz Kaptan
  • Concept & Directed by: Hüseyin Umaysız
  • Dramaturgy: Mesut Arslan
  • Sound Design: Stijn Demeulenaere (Belgium), Can Berk Satır (Turkey)
  • Light Design: Frank Hardy
  • Set Carpenter: Abdullah Şahbaz
  • Production Coordinator: Koray Doğan
  • Performer: Layla Önlen

Belgium Premiere 2018, C-Mine (Dutch)
Turkey Premiere 2020, Istanbul Theatre Festival (Turkish)

Monologues from women from different classes, cultures and backgrounds... The monologues, selected from Deniz Kaptan’s Kadın Hikâyeleri (The Book of Women), are combined into a single body with the inclusion of the identity of the actress on stage. Words intertwine with dance and installation, creating a performative space and act from women’s stories. These are the sorts of secret stories shared only with people you don’t know. There is something bubbling up and ready to explode in each story. The actor is traveling to an empty space where she will finally be completely independent. The play does not hesitate to transform the material in the space into an installation area, and the performance into dance.