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Lasts app. 60’; no intermission.


  • Written by: Euripides
  • Adapted & Directed by: Serdar Biliş
  • Translated into Turkish by: Ari Çokona
  • Set & Costume Design: Gamze Kuş
  • Music: Sinan Arslan
  • Light Design: Kemal Yiğitcan
  • Performers: Caner Çandarlı, Ceren Kaçar, Elvan Boran

A play by Euripides, one of the three eminent Ancient Greek tragedians, İfigenya is a classic about ritual sacrifice, which has its basis in several different mythologies. Together with The Bacchae, İfigenya has been one of the playwright’s most frequently interpreted tragedies. It is the story of King Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter to appease the gods before the Trojan War... The play examines the ritual of sacrifice with Euripides’ uncompromising and questioning approach, in the context of the Faustian relationship power-seeking men enter with war and destruction. The thousand-year-old history of the girl sacrificed for motherland and victory are related to the destruction and family tragedies sparked by the wars and conflicts in different parts of the world today. Known for his contemporary approach to classical works, the director Serdar Biliş brings this deep-rooted tragedy to the stage with present-day interpretation.