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On the occasion of the presentation of the Istanbul Theatre Festival Honorary Award to Geyvan McMillen, the pioneer of modern dance in Turkey, the Istanbul Theatre Festival is launching a series of speeches on the artistic and educational aspects of our female choreographers who have contributed significantly to the development of the art of dance. During the series, the works of choreographers such as Geyvan McMillen, Aydın Teker, Duygu Aykal, Beyhan Murphy and Zeynep Tanbay, who are among the founding names of modern dance in our country, will be discussed and examined by choreographers who were their students. The first part of the series of speeches moderated by Ayrin Ersöz will be on Geyvan McMillen with the participation of her students and dancers Assoc. Tan Temel and Assoc. Sernaz Demirel Temel.

With the contribution of the U.S. Ankara Embassy