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Please click here for reservation.

You may watch online screening of the production via İKSV YouTube Channel between November 21 (20.00)- November 28.

Lasts app. 30’; no intermission.

Co-produced by: Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque-2R2C, the City of Villetaneuse-Paris 13 University, Plaine Commune, The Ballet du Nord-CCN of Roubaix, the City of Paris.


  • Choreography & Scenography: Fabrice Guillot
  • Outside Eye & Assistant Choreographer: Nathalie Tedesco
  • Safety Manager and Apparatus Builder: Olivier Penel
  • Performers: Nathalie Tedesco, Fanny Gombert

Diagonale Ascendante: A strategy of height… We’re mountain climbing on a winding road; the angle of the climber’s body reveals the shape of the ground; the slopes are reflected in the body, appearing as a new expression. Well, what if our ground were vertical? In this dance project realized by Retouramont, Nathalie Tedesco and Fanny Gombert challenge the elevation limits of the body and the energy of their bodies by climbing up a vertical structure with an apparatus placed on that structure. Diagonale Ascendante’s double performance continues in the evenings with a digital creation imbedded into it. The duet of Diagonale Ascendante is amplified by the projection of images on the wall where the dancers move. The monumental shadow of the dancers also invites itself into this visual construction which crosses real bodies, shadows and projected images. This performance, centring on emptiness, beckons the present; while our bodies desire to move, we reproduce life in another/different movement with a motion dependant on something other than ourselves, something different than us.

Residencies: Paris 13 University-Villetaneuse - Cultural Department and DAPS, the Cityhall of Paris (Bois de Vincennes)