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Lasts app. 75’; no intermission.


  • Written by: Ingeborg Bachmann
  • Directed by: Gizem Pilavcı
  • Translated into Turkish by: Ahmet Cemal
  • Producers: İpek Erden
  • Assistant Director: Deniz Cigal
  • Dramaturgy: Gizem Pilavcı, Umut Barış Taşdemir, Deniz Cigal
  • Stage Design: Berkay Buğdan
  • Costume Design: Deniz Değirmendereli
  • Music: Can Saka
  • Technical Production: Mücahit Şahin
  • Performers: Umut Barış Taşdemir, Anıl Kır, Burcu Ger, Gülnara Golovina, Barış Eroğlu

Thanks to Leoni Janssen ve ailesi, Maltepe Üniversitesi, Yapı Kredi Yayınları

‘Fascism begins in the relationship between two people,’ says Bachmann, a woman who was at odds with language and the era she lived in. The Good God of Manhattan, originally a radio play, written by the Austrian writer and poet Ingeborg Bachmann will be performed on stage for the festival. Although set in Manhattan in 1957, the play still feels up-to-date with its views on metropolitan life and modern human relationships. Adapted to present-day by Theatre Motus, the play questions what love is, what it can be, and what it cannot be within the surreal universe it creates. The audience will follow the ‘murder committed by the hand of The Good God and the fate of the lovers’ through characters similar to today’s metropolitan people. Bachmann, who uses words beyond their inherent meanings: focuses on the fickle, ambiguous, insecure and complicated relationship between two people through a woman, a man, a God and the ‘squirrels’ at his command.