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The event is free of charge; reservation is required.
Lasts app. 90’; no intermission.


  • Text: Didem Kaplan
  • Concept, Editing & Directed by: Ufuk Tan Altunkaya
  • Project Coordinator: Ceylan Dizdar
  • Technical Director: Zeki Elveriş
  • Dramaturgy: Egemen Kalyon
  • Video: Çağla Çağlar
  • Performers: Ceylan Dizdar, Atlas Karan Tumluer, Simge Ayvazoğlu

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be ready at the Taksim Square at least 15 minutes before the performance starts. The starting location is Taksim Square and ending location is İstanbul Kültür Sanat Vakfı, Eczacıbaşı Binası (Şişhane) of the play. Audience are required to wear wired headphones for the duration of the play. You may bring your wired headphones or use the disposable headphones that will be provided free of charge for our audience without headphones. Audience must be prepared for long walks (approximately 90 minutes) and bad weather conditions; as a consequence, unfortunately the play is not suitable for physically disabled viewers. All the information and details concerning the play will be shared with audience before the play.

The team at Mekan Artı, which has taken the audience through different theatrical journeys in the city before with their site-specific game projects, is now turning İstiklal Street into a ‘playground’. In The Recall, the audience will explore the hundred-year-old life story of the retired journalist Aret on a tour of this historic street in Beyoğlu, discovering its forgotten, secret and hidden places. People passing down the street will be part of the play in which the audience will participate through headphones and on foot. That which exists will be intertwined with fiction and the text with reality. Faced with different scenes in different venues to visit throughout the play, the audience will embark on an exciting adventure to realize Aret’s last wish, taking an original stroll both inside of and in the memory of the city.