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Lasts app. 75’; no intermission.


  • Written by: Kemal Uçar
  • Directed by: Şenol Önder, Kemal Uçar
  • Dramaturgy: Atilla Şendil
  • Light Design: Alev Topal
  • Stage Design: Cihan Aşar
  • Costume Design: Candan Ünal
  • Music: Mustafa Kemal Öztürk
  • Choreography: Caner Peçenek
  • Technical Management: Cem Okyay, Görkem Örskıran
  • Assistant: Arzu Önder
  • Performer: Kemal Uçar

Thanks to Mosa Tekstil Fatoş Çamdeviren ve çalışanları, Raşit Algül, Baki Yavuz, “hayat”.

We are invited to watch what happened during Kemal’s latest film shoot. Kemal had always wanted to be an actor but unwillingly spent his life as a stuntman. It’s the amusing and yet sad story of how Kemal, who doesn’t hesitate to make fun of himself, what he’s been through and even his dreams, couldn’t become an actor and ended up being a stuntman... Kemal shares with the audience his story full of action, hope and disappointments in front of his bunk bed where he has packed his whole life, accompanied by his mother, father, ex-lover, friends from the industry and a sense of never-ending irony... Kemal Uçar’s The Story of The Stuntman is a fun-packed show and delivers fast-paced performances expected from the art of being a stuntman.