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Lasts app. 65’; no intermission.

The seating capacity in the performances at Alan Kadıköy is increased to 100%, and free seats are opened to sale without numbers. Audiences with an unnumbered ticket will be directed to the available seats after the priority placement of the numbered seat holders.


  • Written & Directed by: Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu
  • Assistant Directors: Sevda Deniz Karali, Özden Selim Karadana
  • Movement Design: Gizem Bilgen
  • Performers: Seda Türkmen, Deniz Karaoğlu

Thanks to Kadıköy Boa Sahne

This play was produced with the support of İKSV Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre Encouragement Awards.

Murat Mahmutyazıcoğlu, known for bringing the voices of İstanbul to the stage; what women, young and old, think about; the hurt and angry states of young people drifting from here to there, this time tells an ‘apartment story’. This time, we will hear voices from a ‘peaceful’ family apartment, in other words, the sound of “ordinary folk.” The “bam” sounds we are familiar with from previous productions of the company, reach our ears, resounding throughout the floors of the apartment. With details that won’t escape the attentive audience, Chorus of Agony is a two-actor yet polyphonic play. The silent thoughts and uncontainable yells of neighbours leading immensely distant lives in homes extremely close together; doors slamming, windows shaking, hearts breaking, children stomping and running around... The actors, who shoulder the performances of women, men, young, old, married, single, child and dog, in brief, all of the characters, manage all the sounds and effects that radiate throughout the play, as well. The ‘anguish’ the characters suffer, sometimes secretly and at other times by deafening shouts, settles into a rhythmic flow that makes the play lively from the opening to the finale. Once again BAMİstanbul draws its power from the script and the performances of the actors, and while focusing on one corner of the city it tells the story of the entire homeland.