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Lasts app. 35’; no intermission.
Suitable for ages +5. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: All children attending 
the event must be accompanied by an adult. An adult can accompany up to two children. All participants are required to have tickets.

The seating capacity in the performances at Alan Kadıköy is increased to 100%, and free seats are opened to sale without numbers. Audiences with an unnumbered ticket will be directed to the available seats after the priority placement of the numbered seat holders.

Children’s Play

This theme titled ‘There is a Woman Behind This!’ aims to highlight the plays and discussions produced by women in the İstanbul Theatre Festival programme and to make women's production more visible. All the plays and discussions in this theme are brought to the audience with the theme sponsorship of Odeabank.

  • Written by: Müge Mor
  • Directed by: Deniz Yeşil Mavi
  • Assistant Director: Deniz Özbay
  • Music: Çağrı Özgür Hün
  • Dramaturgy: Yelda Özdeş
  • Stage & Costume Design: Sibel Tomaç
  • Movement Arrangement: İbrahim Ulutaş
  • Light Effects: Erdem Çınar
  • Instruments: Tolga Kayrak
  • Pedagogue: Sümeyye Nur Karakoç Türkoğlu
  • Performers: Aykut İspir, Mukaddes Kurmuş İspir, Mehmet Küçük, Büşra Saraç, Tuna Gür Coşkun, Rüya Erdoğan, Tolga Kayrak, Şükrü Veysel Alankaya

We are introduced to female-male roles and the concept of gender equality for the first time as children listening to fairy tales. Fair Tales, developed by Odeabank and reinterpreted by Can Publications from an egalitarian point of view, is now on the theatre stage. Our heroes, Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Kindhearted Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and The Frog Prince, draw attention to gender equality as they are break stereotypes on their new adventures. Have you ever met a princess who knows the answers to all the riddles in the world? Or one who can make a compass out of a hairpin and a mushroom? You will find the brave Kindhearted Prince who challenges Vizier Vezveze, as well as the prince who turns into a frog in Fair Tales... All of our heroes are invited to the Vizier selection ball tonight. Let’s see who becomes vizier!