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Lasts app. 70’; no intermission.
Suitable for ages +7

The seating capacity in the performances at Alan Kadıköy is increased to 100%, and free seats are opened to sale without numbers. Audiences with an unnumbered ticket will be directed to the available seats after the priority placement of the numbered seat holders.


  • Written by: Sema Elcim
  • Directed by: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
  • Assistant Director: kerem Pilavcı
  • Dramaturgy: Selen Korad Birkiye
  • Choreography: Alparslan Karaduman
  • Light Design: Yasin Gültepe
  • Stage Design: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
  • Music Design: Vehbi Can Uyaroğlu
  • Stage Manager: Cenk Sökmen
  • Light Operator: Uğur Aksu
  • Regie Assistant: İrem Aslanhan
  • Performers: Ayşegül Tekin, Banu Çiçek, Batur Belirdi, Burak Tamdoğan, Çiçek Dilligil, Doğu Can, Ersin Umut Güler, Kerem Pilavcı

Gabriel’s Dream invites us to witness the experiences of three couples on Lesbos Island, who despite setting out from different places, have very different yet very similar stories. The old Greek couple Angeliki and Angelos, who were formerly forced to migrate from Turkey to Lesbos, Mirvan and Yana who have fled the war in Syria and are heading West in hopes of starting a new life, and Berna and Berke from İstanbul in search of a new direction in their relationship… During the play, which focuses on a few days on the Middle East-Aegean route where characters in Lesbos share the same time frame but lead separate lives, the audience will witness the butterfly effect these six people have on each other’s personal stories. Gabriel’s Dream, written by Sema Elcim and directed by Ahmet Sami Özbudak, relays that even in our relatively comfortable lives we cannot ‘escape’ what occurs on the planet through staging the stories of people which are similar to the ones we often hear in real life.