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Chapter 4: King Midas’ Gold (Guest Performer: Gökçe ÇeÇe Gürçay)
Chapter 5: Odysseus and the Cyclops (Guest Performer: Serkan Keskin)
Chapter 6: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon (Guest Performer: Tuluğ Tırpan)

Lasts app. 60’; no intermission.
Suitable for ages 7+.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a children only event, adults will not be allowed into the theatre hall. Parents are required to provide a HES Code.


  • Designed & Written by: Ani Haddeler
  • Stage Design: Tolunay Türköz
  • Light Design: Cem Yılmazer
  • Costume Design: Hande Ömürlü Yılmazer
  • Figure Design: Ayşe Akarsu, Tolunay Türköz
  • Guest Performers: Gökçe ÇeÇe Gürçay, Serkan Keskin, Tuluğ Tırpan
  • Literary Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nihal Kuyumcu
  • Puppets & Performers: Ani Haddeler, Onur Gürçay, Hande Ömürlü Yılmazer

Welcome, welcome everyone, how are you? Remember me? Don't you recognize me? Go way back, to the past… How far back can you go? No, not pre-pandemic, go even further back, just before the common era. Go as far back as mythology. Mythology or myths describe the lives and adventures of various gods and heroes who lived in the ancient Mediterranean civilizations. These stories have reached the present day orally; In other words, the elders told the little ones these stories, and it was passed on from generation to generation. They were written down much later. These stories appear in theatre plays, literature, poetry, then in movies, and even in computer games. Think about it, I'm that old… I'm a bit of a legend… even a goddess, yes! Aphrodite is my name! The Romans called me Venus. My close friends call me Afro, for short. I’m going to tell you six beautiful stories from ancient mythology. I will have amazingly talented surprise guests for each of my stories. I say don't miss it! Take care, with love, Afro!

Mythological Tales is a children’s play with puppets co-created by Ani Haddeler (Anuşka’s Atelier) and İKSV Alt Kat. A different myth will be told in each of the Mythological Tales, which consists of six chapters in total. In these stories, which will be narrated by the main character/puppet Aphrodite, the legends of our geography will be staged with wooden puppets prepared specially for this project and a guest artist will join the stage in each chapter.

The titles of the six chapters designed for children over the age of 7 are as follows:

Chapter 1: Pandora’s Box (Guest Performer: Demet Evgar)
Chapter 2: Trojan Horse (Guest Performer: KeKeÇa)
Chapter 3: Ariadne’s Ball of String (Guest Performer: Gülinler)
Chapter 4: King Midas’ Gold (Guest Performer: Gökçe ÇeÇe Gürçay)
Chapter 5: Odysseus and the Cyclops (Guest Performer: Serkan Keskin)
Chapter 6: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon (Guest Performer: Tuluğ Tırpan)

After the show, a Puppet/Drama Workshop moderated by Ani Haddeler will be held free of charge at 15.00. Since capacity for the event is limited, reservations must be made from Friday, October 1 for participation.