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Written by: Sevcan Batı
Directed by: Sanem Öge
Performers: Sedat Kalkavan, Ozan Bingöl

Plays by new playwrights from Turkey and plays by guest writers from various countries in Europe will meet the audience at the New Text Festival, as part of the New Text Project organized by GalataPerform since 2012. Since 2019, a play written for the New Text Workshops has been awarded the “Play of the Year” award, realised in cooperation with the International İstanbul Theatre Festival and the New Text Festival. The past winners of this award have been Misafir by Ömer Kaçar, Kalanlar by Itır Karabulut, and Bir Yaz Gecesi Çöküşü by Halil Yağız Şanal. The "Play of the Year" award will be presented to Sevcan Batı with Çiçek Kalkışması at the ceremony following the Reader’s Theatre.

Since capacity for the event is limited, reservations must be made until Friday, October 1 for participation.

With the contribution of the GalataPerform & Saint Benoît French High School