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Lasts app. 120’; 2 Acts.
Suitable for ages +7


  • Written by: Anton Pavlovic Chekhov
  • Directed by: Mehmet Birkiye
  • Translated into Turkish by: Belgi Paksoy
  • Assistant Director: Arzu Bigat Baril
  • Dramaturgy: Melih Korukçu
  • Stage Design: Efter Tunç
  • Light Design: Cem Yılmazer
  • Music: Fırat Akarcalı
  • Costume Design: Ayşegül Alev
  • Choreography: Tuğçe Tuna
  • Effect Design: Ahmet Tanık
  • Puppet: Ayten Öğütçü
  • Performers: Esra Bezen Bilgin, Sezen Düzakar Çetindaş, Ezgi Özbalı, Nuri Karadeniz, Fatih Sevdi, Başar Alemdar, Bülent Baytar, Seda Güven Şahin, Emre Işık, Zeynep Özan Topçu, Cüneyt Gürbüz, İlker Bağlam, Duygu Mine Özcan, Tunç Efe, Sarper Saydam, Nursel Çeliktürk, Semih Eraslan

The people of The Cherry Orchard, the last play Chekhov completed between the years 1903-1904, are actually telling a story to future generations while they try to cope with the enormous change they’re going through. How do we confront events during transformation points that turn the tide upside down, as the world we know changes rapidly? Revolving around a land-owning family in 19th-century Russia, The Cherry Orchard is a strong but stark classic that invites audiences from different periods to look at their own lives. We will follow the inept steps taken by this family as the fundamental values of their lives change, with everything they know and take for granted as good and lasting being pulled from underneath their feet. The audience will be experiencing Chekhov’s timeless narrative and authentic sense of humour through the competent lens of director Mehmet Birkiye. In the play, where the truth of people and life is conveyed in all its simplicity; sadness and happiness, love and grief, comedy and destruction are intertwined. Just as in life, it is a mixture of contrasts. Yet Chekhov, that is fiction, has the last word. Reality is nothing but fiction.