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Lasts app. 100’; 2 Acts.


  • Written by: John Fowles
  • Adapted by: Mark Healy
  • Directed by: Eyüp Emre Uçaray
  • Translated into Turkish by: H. Can Utku
  • Performers: İlyas Özçakır, Ayfer Tokatlı

The suspenseful story of a passionate butterfly collector transferring his instinct of possession into an obsessive and platonic relationship... The Collector tells the story of how Frederick Clegg, in his late 20’s, holds young and beautiful art student Miranda captive and gradually subjects her to psychological and physical violence, while also involving the audience in this dangerous game. The play, adapted for the stage by Mark Healy from the stunning novel by English author John Fowles, draws attention to ‘those who are complicit in crime by staying silent,’ just as in real life. Directed by Eyüp Emre Uçaray, the play invites its audience to a layered discussion with the theme of the ‘woman-man’ relationship over the devastation caused by the age-old yet current conflict between classes and people’s desire to possess. As Clegg takes hold of Miranda’s body and mind -just like the butterflies he adds to his collection- Miranda finds herself alone in her struggle to break free. The audience finds itself in the position of an ‘accomplice’ to Clegg’s obsessive actions without even realizing it as Clegg, who sees his actions as natural and right, established the audience before him as an ‘ally’.