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Lasts app. 75’; no intermission.
Suitable for ages 13+.


  • Written by: Irmak Bahçeci
  • Directed by: Emrah Eren
  • Regie Assistant: Ahmet Balta
  • Light Design: Yakup Çartık
  • Costume & Stage Design: Cihan Aşar
  • Music: Cenk Erdoğan
  • Song Lyrics: Faruk Üstün
  • Performer: Emre Kınay

If Shakespeare lived today, what would he say about the current out of control state of humanity and the planet? Perhaps this line of questioning is not really necessary, after all, aren’t the bards’ verses a study on the darkest corridors of the human soul, and as such, more than adequate to relate to our present-day? Irmak Bahçeci joins the festival with a surprise script prepared for the audience, but most of all for the theatre audience who always keeps Shakespeare’s plays close to their heart! The Labourer is a collage of excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays ranging from Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet, from Twelfth Night to The Merchant of Venice. The labourer escapes the civil war in his homeland with an orphan he saves; we meet him as a construction worker once he arrives at the big city. After throwing himself at the mercy of the owner of the construction company, we witness the labourer discovering that the small, safe and happy world he had built was not at all what he thought it was. The main themes of Shakespeare classics such as betrayal, jealousy, doubt, bloody wars, vengeance, deception, lust and desire for revenge intertwine with current issues such as civil war, strikes, femicides disguised as suicides, homophobia and labour exploitation. On a stage set in a construction site, we will watch the performance of Emre Kınay and witness a personal tragedy flowing over from the age of Shakespeare to the present day.