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Lasts app. 30’; no intermission.
Free of charge.

  • Artistic Direction of the Company, Scenography and Written by: Ali Salmi
  • Dancer, Performer and Musical Creation: Ali Salmi
  • Video Image: BB
  • Director & Editor: Ali Salmi
  • Typographic Creation: Julian Rivierre
  • Vocals: Irène Vervliet
  • Light Creation & General Management: Jean Muckensturm

Waterfloor puts in situation a body and its reflected image in a ‘Water Landscape’ facing the climatic upheavals of our time. Face to Face, which explores the physical commitment through immobility and a setting in movement of the body by inviting the poetics of the Water of Gaston Bachelard and the climatic upheavals, environmental disasters announced.

Permanent confrontation of the dancing body in the reality of this projected space, between inside/outside, visible/invisible, frame/outside-frame. A window is drawn in the frame of the landscape, beginning of the projection, beginning of the face to face, beginning of the journey. An ardent desire to be part of the public space with absolute simplicity and a spectacular presence on the theme of water!