• Written by: Jack HIBBERD
  • Directed by: Gino. B. TOMISICH
  • Set Design: Gülin ASİLYAZICI
  • Cast: Dean BRIGGS, Damian PREE, Judy BAILEY, Tina SHELDON

Square One Theatre was found by Gino B. Tomisich in 1985. The Theatre has operated since that time as an ensemble and its main work has been the development of theatrical performances for the area.

“A Stretch of the Imagination” by Jack Hibberd is considered an Australian classic. The author writes to create an atmosphere of vitality and vulgarity in which the audience is invited to celebrate the highs and lows of the way Australians view themselves.

The character of Monk O’Neill is a loner, living in his hut. It is through his recollections and imagination that the audience is taken on a tour of his life.