• Written by: Vaclav HAVEL
  • Translation: Esin Talu ÇALIŞKAN
  • Directed by: Oben GÜNEY
  • Set Design-Costume: AYDOĞMUŞ


  • Sladek: Kahraman ACEHAN
  • Mikael: Mehmet ÇEREZCİOĞLU
  • Vera: Güzin ÖZYAĞCILAR
  • Stanek: Kamran USLUER
  • Vanek: Cüneyt TÜREL
  • Assitants: Nergis ÇORAKÇI/Can BAŞAK
  • Dramaturgy: Serra Yılmaz

“For me, theater, lively as well as worrying, should give an inner perspective that society meets with itself. I do not like the didactic theater, believing to be smarter than the rest of the people and daring to educate them. Theater that gives recipes or concrete solutions or theater that is in the service of any political program is totally alien to me.”
Vaclac HAVEL
Prag, December 1976

Vaclac HAVEL, started to work in the “Na Zabradlı” theater laboratory in 1960 and giving up poetry, he started writing plays for theatre and radio. “Meeting” (1975), “Celebration” (1975), “Call” (1978) were written at different times, however been performed as a trio by the thatres, believing that they supplement each other.

As a result of the deep socio-political changes that occured in the Eastern European countries since 1989, Havel is now the President of Czechoslovakia.