• Written by: Harold PINTER
  • Translation: Haluk BİLGİNER
  • Directed by: Ahmet LEVENDOĞLU
  • Set Design: Metin DENİZ
  • Set, Technical Manager: Lütfi OĞUZCAN

This production has been realized by YAPI KREDİ BANKASI as a present to the 2nd International Istanbul Theatre Festival.

“Betrayel” by Harold Pinter was first staged in 1978 at the National Theatre in London. It is the complicated relationship of the wellknown triangle of a “woman-husband-lover”, reflecting the problems of the “individual-life-society”.

From the more than twenty plays, written by Pinter, only a few were staged in Turkey yet. This was the underlying reason for the Theatre Studio, a very new company bringing together three of Turkey’s wellknown actors together, to start their carreer with this play.