• Written and Performed by: Bob KINGDOM(Based on the works of Dylan THOMAS)
  • Directed by: Anthony HOPKINS


A Story
On reciting Poems
Poem in October
A Confession
Letters to Daniel Jones and Vernon Watkins
Time snails by
And death shall have no dominion
Life and BBC
Poem on his birthday


Return Journey
Another Confession
Letter To British Medical Association, Swansea
In my craft and sullen art
The pain of fame and acclaim
Visit To America
Letter to Caitlin Thomas
Fern Hill

We would like to thank BRITISH AIRWAYS for covering travel expenses of the Artist.

DYLAN THOMAS set foot on American soil in 1950 and soon achieved popularity and acclaim throughout the Unites States with his works. Thomas’s profound spiritual sense of his own destiny and morality are contained in the painstaking craftsmanship of his words which makes up the essential core and driving force of Dylan Thomas that “Return Journey” celebrates; from the “explosive bloodbursts of a boily boy in love with the shape and sound of words, death, unknown love and the shadows on his pillow”, to the monumental despair at the loss of innocence central to his restless and troubled life.

Bob Kingdom’s aim, when devising and developing his performance, together with the director, Anthony Hopkins, was to recreate something of the atmospere of what it must have been like to be present at one of Dylan Thomas’s own recitals; the soaring majesty of his voice, his “unmade bed” appearance, his isolation and despair, but, above all, the passionate, moving imagery of his poems and his wickedly-observed humour.