• Written & Drama: Hakan Gürses
  • Directed by: Gül GÜRSES
  • Scenery, Light Design: Walter VOGELWIDER, A. DALINGER
  • Costume Design: Erika REIMER
  • Music: Hahn CIRIC, Otto LECHNER
  • Mask Design: Kemal SEYHAN
  • Graphic Design: Zekeriya SARIBATUR


  • Bull: Maria NAVARRO
  • Horse: Sigrid PLIESZNIG
  • Mother with dead child: Letizia SZGUEZ
  • Woman with light: Sigrid SEBERICH
  • Warrior: ANTONIO

We would like to thank HUMANİC Ayakkabı Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Şirketi who kindly covered the travel expenses of the company.

Guernica -a peaceful city in Spain- has been totally destroyed after a 31/2 hours airraid on the 26th of May in 1937. Picasso has been designed by the spanish exile-government to make a painting for the world-exhibition in Paris. Picasso has scanned the event in time and space, the Picture of an human being has been splitted up into different aspects of its reactions. The painting has been reduced to the most expressive by using only the colours black and white. The intention is rather to show characteristics beyand the bodies, than to reproduce reality. The objectivity of the epic performance and the union of all contained in the painting is underlined through this reduction.

(Rudolf Arnheim, Picasso’s Guernica)

Theater des Augenblicks tries to remake the very famous painting of Pablo Picasso. Instead of painting with brushes, they create a Picture using their bodies and the poems of Federica Garcia Lorca.