• Written by: Fyodor DOSTOYEVSKI
  • Adapted to stage and directed by: Kama GINKAS
  • Set, Costume: Adomas YATSOFSKIS
  • Music: Paul WINTER (electronic jazz), Dimitri POKROVSKY (mixed russian folklore)


  • Paradoksalist: Victor GVOZDITSKY
  • Lisa: İrina YUREVIÇ
  • Apollon: Mikail DARONIN

When Kama Ginkas first read Dostoyevsky’s “Notes From The Underground” 30 yars ago as a student, he was very moved by this masterpiece. From that moment on he was captured by the idea of putting this work on stage. But Ginkas had to wait for 20 years before his adaptation was released for performance. The acting in the play is strong, masculine, energetic and most passionate, deeply rooted in the tradutions of Meyerhold and Stanislavsky. Like Soviet theatre in general, it speaks to the psychology of Soviet people, reflecting their passion, frustration and anger. Asa William A. Henry states in his critic on the play, Ginkas’ version and the Dostoyevsky original comment on “the inevitable alienation resulting from extremes of Socialism, the drive to violence underlying the pursuit of universal happiness.”