• Written by: Sevim BURAK
  • Directed by: Alita BALDI
  • Dramatisation: Claire HORDE
  • Translation: Marie-Christine VAROL
  • Performed by: Lulu Menase

Born in Turkey, the French actress Lulu Menase adapted for theater one of the stories of Sevim Burak who is a significant Turkish writer. The story takes places in the İstanbul of the 30’s, a transformation period from Ottoman Empire to the Republic. It reflects the cultural and religious differences between the Muslim and Jewish societies through the tragic story of Bilal, a Muslim man, falling in love with a Jewish woman and the psychological conflicts that ocur. The story is made up of the notes taken by Bilal, interpreted by Lulu Menase, identifiying with several different characters. The play has been performed for a number of times in Paris, receiving much acclaim from the critics.