• Written by: ARISTOPHANES
  • Translation: Benedetto MARZULLO
  • Directed by: Shahroo KHEREDMAND
  • Director of Theatre: Stelio FIORENZA
  • Original Music: Luigi CINQUE
  • Settling-Costume: Triziano FARIO
  • Lighting: Ugo VIGNOLA
  • Cast: Roberto Della CASA, Reza KERADMAN, Patrizia BETTINI, Silvana BARBARINI, Cristina AUBRY, Giovanna SUMMO, Ian SUTTON, Giulio TURLİ

Why Aristophanes? The reasons for a choice appear in general subjective, often the yâre confirmed tautologically, preference arises instinctively, the kind of commitment, it’s very quality are worth motivating... (B. Marzullo)

In “Pluto”, first staged by Aristophanes himself in 388, the ethic problem is overpowered by the social one. The greatness of Aristophanes and of his work in particular, lies precisely in the heated and fearful intuition of this frustrated and dismayed humanity.

Furthermore, the up-to-dateness of the themes present in “Pluto” is undeniable; in fact 2000 years after Christ, social contradictions are yet to be settled and man persists in deciept, corruption and overpowering, just as in the age of Aristophanes.